Visioning Day for Heart of Texas Contemplative Outreach - Sat Feb 20, 2016


The Heart of Texas Chapter of Contemplative Outreach met to celebrate our history, assess our needs as a contemplative community, and "envision" future growth and direction for our chapter. This was a day for gathering, synthesizing, sorting, and prioritizing information


The Visioning Process was facilitated by Susan Komis (Contemplative Outreach- Director of Chapter Programs and Services).  In the Visioning Process, we:

  • VisDay3 2016Celebrated our strengths in our initial stages of growth and formation
  • Explored challenges and assessed needs to implement realistic growth
  • Prioritized needs and created a road map for the next 1-2 years
  • Acknowledged and encouraged ecumenical dimension and Spirit
  • Established needs of Leadership Team; Discernment of Service Teams
  • Engaged in a Prayful Discernment process for Chapter Coordinator


For a complete list of the strengths, challenges, and priorities identified, please select this Visioning Process 2016.


The Priorities established during the Visioning Process are as follows:


  • VisDay2 2016Help deepen the Centering Prayer experience with facilitators and their groups
  • Focus on improving communications and publicity
  • Emphasis to widen the chapter's outreach effort (including children and families)
  • Encourage attendance at Retreats
  • Establish Service Teams in key areas. Each team will have a Service Team leader. Service Team Leaders and the Chapter Coordinators will form a Leadership Team.


Individuals in the Heart of Texas area that are intested in volunteering for one or more of these Service Teams are invited to download "A Call to Service", complete it, and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In terms of volunteer service and in support of Centering Prayer, you are invited to "do one thing for one year".